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The Academy of Global Business Research and Practice (AGBRP) is dedicated to promote academic research and scholarship that would facilitate effective teaching and student learning. While the academics are deeply committed to educate the millennials with the knowledge and the skills needed for careers and entrepreneurial forays it is equally important to establish an accessible ecosystem, and facilitate continuous education, mentoring and guidance. The AACSB vision highlights the world’s thirst for education, economic development, and quality of life and in view of this transformative change it “called on the academics to address the needs of the students they educate and the industries they serve.” It further emphasizes the imperative need for the academics and organizations from across industries and sectors to collaborate and engage each other more closely than ever before to co-educate and co-create ideas for common good.


Today there is an increased emphasis on engaging CSR programs and non-profit sector in critical areas in education, health, water, food and nutrition, entrepreneurship, environment and sustainability issues across communities. Since these programs also comply with the UN sponsored Millennium Development Goals the academic entities like the AGBRP have an opportunity to network and co-develop research studies, case studies, conferences, training programs, and other outreach activities that will have a positive impact on communities. 


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Driven by such trends the AGBRP propose to engage with a global network of academics from across disciplines, executives from business and industry, policy makers, consultants and NGOs interested in education, healthcare, food and nutrition, entrepreneurship, and sustainability issues. To make it more inclusive and accessible the AGBRP membership will be free. The international conferences, research symposiums and other events will be co-designed and co-organized in cooperation with academic institutions and other organizations, and the events will be delivered using the traditional, hybrid and or online formats.


Using a similar model, we have successfully organized 16 major international conferences and seven research symposiums under the banner of the Society for Global Business and Economic Development (SGBED). Following SGBED initiatives, the Academy will continue to organize research conferences and events, publish original research papers and case studies in peer-reviewed journals with a column dedicated to practitioner perspectives. The AGBRP publications will be licensed under the creative commons and facilitate open access.


Join us in Dubai at our
19th International Conference of AGBRP

Date: January 8-10, 2025

Location: Dubai

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