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AGBRP is a global professional network. Members will include:


  • Faculty members and research scholars from academic institutions; business executives and consultants interested in mentoring graduate students and others interested in entrepreneurship;

  • Emeritus Faculty interested in short term visiting assignments and or online (virtual) lectures and teaching in Business Schools, preferably in emerging economies;   

  • Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) interested in Internationalization; 

  • Leaders in Social Enterprises and NGOs interested in Agriculture & Food, Health, Environment and Sustainability Issues; 

Members have opportunities to network, collaborate and share common interests; 

  • Will be able to network with participants, speakers in conferences, symposiums and workshops;

  • Will be able to engage in collaborate research, and publish in peer-reviewed journals and in the book of readings; 

  • Will be able to showcase the best practices in business and industry, impact of social enterprises, NGO role in agriculture, health, environment and sustainability in different locations, states, and countries;

  • Will be able to access and post activities, interests and issues on AGBRP Discussion Board;

  • Will be able to collaborate and organize virtual events and webinars on specific topics and or issues;

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