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Journal of Global Business Research and Practice


Aims and Scope

JGBRP publishes original, high-quality theoretical and empirical research, as well as thought-provocative and inspirational viewpoints, to advance our understanding of global responsibility issues in today’s interconnected and interdependent world. JGBRP welcomes contributions based primarily focusing on global research and practice across all business disciplines: marketing, operations, decision sciences, accounting, finance, IT, human resource management, strategic management etc. It encourages studies that explore macro-, meso-, and micro-level sector trends impacting the next generation of global business networks in context of ever-changing international supply chain landscape, growing global public health challenges, worldwide environmental degradation and sustainability concerns, global economic/social crises, challenges in the geopolitical landscape. It also encourages contributions drawing on other disciplines, such as healthcare, food and nutrition, entrepreneurship, non-profit, education, and sustainability issues.

Journal information

JGBRP welcomes papers that are conceptual, theoretical, empirical and review papers, as well as essays, research & teaching briefs, case studies, and dialogues and commentaries. All submissions subject to double-blind peer review for possible consideration of publication.

  • Conceptual and theoretical papers without empirical studies should develop new theories or conceptual frameworks.

  • Empirical papers should test, extend, or build theory and develop new knowledge for practice.

  • Review papers should critically review and evaluate the current research and knowledge in the global business discipline.

  • Essays can be short pieces of papers to make new thoughts, arguments, provocative ideas, and critical reflections.

  • Research & Teaching Briefs can be reports of currently completed research or teaching experiences/ experiments, which would be important to advance the thoughts and education in the field of global business.

  • Case studies can provide an intensive and systematic investigation into a particular entity or research object. These studies can focus on a single case or multiple cases.

  • Dialogues and Commentaries can provide industry practitioners with the opportunity to engage in public conversations and debates on global business issues.

Word Count:

  • Conceptual, Theoretical, Empirical and Review paper: 7000 words.

  • Essays: 5000 words.

  • Research & Teaching Briefs, Case Studies, Dialogues & Commentaries: 3000 words.


Publication frequency:

Initially 1 to 2 issues per year.


Publishing formats:



Initial issue(s):

Inaugural issue proposed in 2023-24 with papers solicited from quality submissions at the AGBRP 18th International Conference, Singapore. Call for Papers will also be announced periodically.


Peer Review model:

Double blind peer review using a pool of internal and external reviewers.


Journal statistics

  • Average time between submission & first decision: 1-2 months planned.

  • Average time between submission & publication: 3-4 months planned.


Indexed in:

  • Indexing planned for various platforms including Cabell's, Ulrich, PubMed, SCOPUS, etc.

  • Digital archive: Journal website

  • Unique article identifiers: DOI through


Publication fee:

Publication in JGBRP requires that the author(s) be affiliated with AGBRP, either through membership and/or as attendee(s)/presenter(s) at its conference(s).


Sponsors and affiliated institutions:

JGBRP's scholarship is made possible by funding from the Academy of Global Business Research and Practice (AGBRP).



Academy of Global Business Research and Practice (AGBRP).


Academy of Global Business Research and Practice

San Jose State University,

SGIL, BT 657, 1 Washington Sq.

San Jose, California 95192-0164


Phone: 1-408-924-3578 


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